2012 Merry Christmas Greetings!


Hi Friends and Family!

Working on year three of the Benedict annual digital xmas card.
Here’s a little of what we have been up to this year from our homebase in Raleigh, NC.  This has been a good year and we needed it after the past couple of really, really, hard years.  This year we tried to rejoice and travel and enjoy friends from coast to coast.



January started the year of great travels with a trip for Bruce to Grand Rapids to help with the Calvin Worship Symposium and play music with a bunch of great friends! He was invited to play his version of Psalm 120 and was the featured ‘folk’ group of the night.  You can watch around the 38:00 min mark. http://vimeo.com/36081203



Thanks to the gracious gift of some great friends Bruce was able to record the next shorter catechism cd after 8 years of working on the music!

Pj and Bruce headed to Nashville, TN to a Respite Retreat led by Nancy and David Guthrie family as part of our processing the death of our baby Tristan in 2010.


We had special friends (Kyle Ragsdale & Tonya Beeler) visit us on their “adult” vacation time. Oh so much joy to see friends from Indy. xoxoxo


Our friend Tristan Treacy visited us from London.  We lived with Tristan while we were working with Camden Town Church and he was in the states visiting a few friends. Great to treat him to some of our favorite eating spots and a couple rounds of bowling!

wine trio
We also made a trip up to Bruce’s parents’ vineyard to prune and get the vine’s ready for spring! Great to have friends Bethany, Paul, and Naaman along to help. While Bruce was pruning, Pj played one of Shakespeare’s most tragic characters, Lavinia, in his goriest play, Titus Andronicus, for a theatre company in Durham.


We got finally got our certification from the state and are now Foster parents in waiting. Here’s a pretty picture of the homestead with the Crepe Myrtles in bloom!

Pj was pleased to premiere ‘The Bread Show‘ – the first of many themed, multi-disciplinary events curated by Pj’s group Urban Garden Performing Arts.  Check out the links for video, etc.

May was our crazy travel month.  Bruce spent two weeks in San Francisco subbing for his friend Karl at City Church and doing some wine tasting in the west sonoma valley (Pinot Noir heaven!)

and then we both headed to Seattle where we drove our friend Paul cross country to Raleigh.  5 days. 20 ft. UHaul = Mass hysteria with stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City (Thank you Chambers for the Strawberry Pie!), and Indy. We were so thankful to have so many friends and family house us along the way! This was also Pj’s first coast-to-coast drive.

Bruce released another Cardiphonia compilation “Songs for the Ascension” It’s a free download now. Go check it out!


PJ unveiled her long in the works “Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc with live original music by Bevel Summers, at a local devising festival.  Check out the video here.  She will continue work on this show with an amazing group of artists through the year.

Pj was also in another play “Durang, Durang” this month with a ton of friends.  Hilarious shot of one of her characters.

Bruce headed back out on the road making stops in Michigan for a class at Calvin, and venturing down into Indiana for the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering to see our best friends Elyce and Kipp!


Bruce had a great time in Kansas City @ the NWLC hanging out with Wen and Zac, eating ridiculous amounts of BBQ and seeing friends from all over the country.  We also got our first emergency foster placement and thank goodness for Mother-in-laws. Trudy sped down from Richmond to help Pj this week while Bruce was gone!


BB and the New Obedience did a cd release show at CTK of the 2nd shorter catechism cd. ha.


We got our first long term foster placement over labor day weekend and will be looking after a little boy till summer 2013.  Thankfully our good friend Kathryn (and little eva) could come down to Raleigh from Richmond to give Pj a ‘baby school’ so that Bruce could help His parents with their grape harvest.  Exciting and totally trepidatious!!

Our friends Amy and Lee Quinn after one of the wettest grape harvests ever! True friends!


Another themed Urban Garden Show “The Game(ing) show” produced by Pj and Paul Kilpatrick at Kings in Raleigh.  So. Much. Fun.


Bruce released another Cardiphonia compilation “Songs for Liturgy” working with 20+ church musicians.  It’s a free download now!

Every year in the Fall we get to spend some time in Asheville (thanks to the gracious Cochran family) with friends from Raleigh. Here is PJ on a mountain working on her ‘tree sloth’ yoga pose.

Thanksgiving break hiking up on skyline drive near Charlottesville.  A truly thankful time getting to hang out with Mandy (Bruce’s sister) and her husband Eric!

Pj loves Bruce a lot.  She loves him so much that she went with him to the “The Surfjohn Stephanapolous Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Spectacular Music Pageant Variety Show Distaster” Xmas show.  That is love.


Bruce recorded a xmas music e.p. with a whole host of musicians from CTK (with wonderful art by Kyle Ragsdale!)  You can listen and download it HERE.


This was our first xmas tree in two years. it’s beautiful. you should drop by and see it.


And now we leave you to enjoy your own family festivites.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

XO, Bruce and PJ

5 thoughts on “2012 Merry Christmas Greetings!

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Glad to hear this year was a welcomed respite for you guys. Always in our thoughts!

    Neil, Trish and Family

    P.S. As Trish selfishly wants you two to move back to Indy, she wanted to just mention that the new Fountain Square congregation currently has a need for someone to lead worship (though there are no real funds to pay you and we have not actually launched yet). Just food for thought. ; )

  2. Merry Christmas Bruce, PJ and Trudy…After reading this I feel like I need a nap! Congratulations on all of your wonderful accomplishments!!!
    Love you,
    Bill, Kate, Erin, Basil,Amber and TuckerXOXOXO

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